Happily a vegetarian since 2004 and never looking back, I thought I was set on Boca burgers and Morningstar for life. Within a year things got boring… and my thighs got bigger. I’d always loved baking with my mother as a child, and upon talking with a close friend (who was not a vegetarian, but open to the idea of cooking without meat), he decided I should relearn how to cook for myself.

It wasn’t easy and frankly, it wasn’t always delicious, but with enough trial and error we pulled together some great dinners, fantastic snacks, and excellent desserts. After reconceptualizing the plate and how meals work, my love for cooking has been turned up to 11 ever since.

What follows here are the trials in my small urban kitchen, cooking healthy foods–with an occasional high cal. bad boy thrown in–celebrating food, holidays, life and the everyday.


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